Thursday, October 18, 2007 the wind

Amalia of Brazil, Max's tragic first love

I've been buzzing away these days. Gettin' buzzed, oh yeah...on my sewing machine. Vic is in Austin attending the conference where he's gearing up to make a "24 Hour Film" with our video students. That leaves me ample time to sew uninterrupted, so I've spread my projects all thru the house.

Adelita pillow

Peeking out from the piles of fabric and poly-stuffing are little gems of this pocha's arte. I'm wondering if I'll be able to make the DIY Factory this weekend. I registered while we were making our "48-Hour Film" for the 48-Hour Film Project with our San Anto students -- Team i-Chingao! With four teenagers and 3 adults sprawled out all over our ground floor, that was a creative tornado that took weeks of clean up to recover from. We won 2 awards tho. Not bad for a pair of sleep-deprived instructors, 4 fifteen year olds and 1 dedicated parent -- gracias Sandra! To view the flick on youtube, CLICKHERE. I keep sewing and wonder how long the cleanup from this textile tornado will take? ;-p

Running thru my fevered mind on these marathon sewing

Enamorada Pillow

You'll see from my etsy descriptions that some of these pieces are cinematically inspired --

Images from the Mexican Revolution and Crown of Mexico art pillow series

I'll have to cut out and head to work soon. I run an after school arts & culture program on the Eastside and we have our open house this weekend. The same day as the DIY Factory! I don't know how I'm going to manage with all this sleep deprivation, an exhausted partner and my own hacking cough (which has returned with all the stress). But I'll keep going as long as I can. I will like the wind!

Mexican Revolution pillows

Que viva la revolution!

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