Sunday, October 7, 2007

MacArturos wrap up

A dozen new friends and 100 conversations later, the MacArturos wrapped up last night with power-packed performance led by prankster Guillermo Gomez-Peña. We caught up with news and talked about the new "fall of Rome" and shared stimulating perspectives on immigration.

Borders of mind and spirit were crossed.

Are they coming to get us? Will Aztlan survive zuvulla?

Baldemar Velasquez is an activist who lives the gospel every day

I was inspired by Baldemar Velasquez, a "liberation theologian" who advocates for farm labor rights. To find a christian who isn't issuing pop culture judgements or condeming "backsliders" is refreshing and energizing. Baldemar inhabits his beliefs in the field and lives in the spirit.

Hugo Morales connects communities thru internet radio broadcasts

I totally cried when heard Hugo's moving transmissions from rural indiginous communities. It reminded me of childhood holidays in South America, everyone crowding around the 1 radio operator's shop in Quime. It was a meeting place, mail drop, science hub. I used to love seeing the operator crank thru his signal thru the Andes, linking us up with the whole world. With upcoming radio-band expansion offering dynamic opportunities for cultural connections. McLuhan's global village is here now...and it speaks in Aymara, Zapotec, Nahuatl, Mixtec, and Maya.

MacArturo creator and event hostess, writer Sandra Cisneros

One of my highlights of course was meeting la gran dama herself, Sandra Cisneros. I still remember seeing the 1st volumes of "House on Mango Street" arrive at my high school bookstore job. I hadn't seen anything Latino at work that wasn't Neruda or Paz. I remember reading her bio, "Sandra is nobody's wife, mother..." -- wow! It empowered my youthful persuit of autonomy. We see so much of her now in the flesh -- at two years of MacArturo events, exhibitions, etc. She's all bright charisma and charming sillyness. I wonder who her upholsterer is?

San Antonio conjunto-punk maestros, Piñata Protest

Forging a solid intro to the closing nite event, Piñata Protest were a cathartic interlude. Their innovative sound even awoke the dead -- as several of their pics were littered with pulsating orbs. Such sweet guys too. My students Sarai and Jessica literally "danced in the aisles" during one of their songs with total effervescent abandon. Good to see the spirit alive and thriving!

Gomez-Peña as cultural shaman

Dressed to the nines, GP channels the border in bikerboots and high heels.

Playwrite Maricella goes drag king on us.

And La Chata spins local chisme into a hilarious number.

Thanks to genus Luis Alfaro, I learned an interesting trick involving Alka Seltzer and a Condom. Impressive!

All in all, a fabulous event. Aaand yes, folks did come over and I had a goood coffee table ;-j


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