Sunday, September 30, 2007

Imagineering a good beginning...

Dos arbolitos...

In keeping with my birthday month resolutions, I promised myself I'd finally leave the familiar confines of Myspace and enter into blogland. I also need a more "intimate" forum to keep in in touch with our vast circle of family and friends. A ver si funciona.

I'm a newlywed, in the process of settling into our 1st home out of state -- beginning a journey that will surely include children, challenges and my branching out into many new territories. Settling in has been an intense endevour, and an illuminating one. My goal is to keep serenity & comfort present in our lives, even amidst the increasing demands on our time. My husband and I each manage at least 4 personal projects simultaniously. In addition to these, I'm busy organizing the home front, making resourceful furnishing choices, and imagineering our first "official" housewarming soiree.

To that end, we've embarked in an online experiment -- -- an 8 week "home cure", which will kick our butts in gear to fine-tune our living space -- our "second skin" and extension of ourselves. Domestic Bliss (and Feng Shui glory) is surely at hand!

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